Michael Fabiano with San Francisco Chronicle – ArtSmart news item

The Man in the Arena: Michael Fabiano with Ed Berliner

Ed Berliner speaks with World Renowned Tenor & Former Baseball Ump Michael Fabiano

Daria ArtSmart Mentor new article

Music Touches Our Souls

Long-time voice instructor, professional singer and ArtSmart mentor, Daria shares her experience mentoring students.

Michael Fabiano, Tenor and ArtSmart Co-Founder – Photo Jiyang Chen

Classical 101.1 WRR

Listen to Classical 101.1 WRR's interview with Michael Fabiano on singing in Dallas, touring and… piloting!

Shelley Mitchell, ArtSmart Mentor news article

Finding Her Stride

Read about how Shelley Mitchell's love of music brought her to the “big apple” and how she continues to find her stride as a working musician and performer.

Hannah DeBlock, ArtSmart mentor news article

Defeating Insecurities & Becoming Stronger Than Ever

Read about Hannah DeBlock's incredible path to finding inner confidence, self-acceptance and a new found joy for life that she now uses to inspire her ArtSmart students in their own goal-setting endeavors.

Michael Fabiano – ArtSmart news item

Modern Luxury: Ready to Soar

David Zivan at Modern Luxury interviews our Co-Founder Michael Fabiano.

Katya Powder, ArtSmart Mentor news article

The Transformative Power of Music & Mentorship

Katya Powder bravely shares her story of how music and mentorship drastically changed her life for the better.

Claire Kuttler, ArtSmart Mentor news article

Equitable Access to Music Education

We would like to introduce you to one of our new mentors for the 2018-2019 school year, Claire Kuttler!

Michael Fabiano, Megan Pachecano and Tom Mulder – ArtSmart mentors at the Met

MetChrousArtists – Outreach Corner: ArtSmart, Run By Met Artists!

Catch up with Megan Pachecano and Tom Mulder in this interview for MetChorusArtists.

ArtSmart news article

It Only Takes Three Minutes

ArtSmart Mentor Desiree Maira shares her most memorable musical moment.


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