Renaissance Woman

Chicago based ArtSmart mentor Caitleen Kahn, is a passionate soprano, arts administrator and communicative performer devoted to facilitating universal access to the arts

The Importance Of Mentorship

"If it hadn’t been for my mentors in music, I wouldn’t be where I am today."

From Rock Singer to Opera Bass

Ben Wager Draws Experience From Contemporary and Classical Music

The Power of One-on-one Mentorship – ArtSmart news

The Power of One-on-one Mentorship

Tom Mulder shares his insight as to why the one-on-one mentor relationship is such a special aspect to the ArtSmart program and how it is changing children’s lives.

Music: A Universal Truth – ArtSmart News

Music: A Universal Truth

Read on to see how ArtSmart mentor Scott Purcell was inspired as a young child to pursue a career in music and how he is sharing that inspiration with the next generation of ArtSmart students.

Michael Fabiano ArtSmart article with OperaWire – Photo by James Weber

OperaWire interview with Michael Fabiano

Read OperaWire's interview with ArtSmart co-founder Michael Fabiano

ArtSmart News Article – A Passion for Teaching by Rachel Cetel, ArtSmart mentor

A Passion for Teaching

Meet ArtSmart mentor Rachel Cetel to learn about her passion for teaching, her experience and journey to becoming an ArtSmart mentor.

ArtSmart News Article – Forging My Own Path by Lucas DeJesus

Forging My Own Path

ArtSmart mentor Lucas De Jesus has forged his own path as a musician, pursuing work in the field of vocal ensembles. Read about how Lucas' education, experience and unique journey to create his own unique opportunities.

The Importance of Studying Music – ArtSmart news

The Importance of Studying Music…

Find out why ArtSmart Mentor Lauren Cook became a teacher and her strategy for working with students.

Patroness of the Arts – ArtSmart news

Patroness of the Arts

Read our interview with one of our most generous supporters, Maria Manetti Shrem to find out why she supports ArtSmart.


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Find out how ArtSmart has made a difference to our students lives and helped them achieve success.

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