Michael Fabiano, Megan Pachecano and Tom Mulder – ArtSmart mentors at the Met

MetChrousArtists – Outreach Corner: ArtSmart, Run By Met Artists!

Catch up with Megan Pachecano and Tom Mulder in this interview for MetChorusArtists.

ArtSmart news article

It Only Takes Three Minutes

ArtSmart Mentor Desiree Maira shares her most memorable musical moment.

Heather Phillips, ArtSmart Mentor news article

A Mentor’s Mentor

Heather Phillips shares a musical mentorship experience from childhood and how it had a profound effect on her life, and continues to influence and inspire her as a mentor.

Michael Fabiano with San Francisco Chronicle – ArtSmart news item

San Francisco Chronicle with Michael Fabiano

Michael Fabiano’s passion for opera, education, meet in ArtSmart. Read this article by Tony Bravo.

ArtSmart news item

Part II – A Conversation with our Co-Founders

We’re back to continue our conversation with the ArtSmart Co-Founders for our second installment of our blog series.

A Conversation with our Co-Founders – Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi

A Conversation with our Co-Founders

Hear from our co-founders to kick off our 2nd year at ArtSmart.

Why Access to the Arts Matters

10 Reasons Why Giving Students Access to the Arts Matters

Why ArtSmart?

Read how Co-Founder Michael Fabiano believes music has the power to change lives.

Is Music Education Still Important? Prove it!

Find out the data behind why music education is so important to children.

Hidden Treasures

Read more about the mentoring that ArtSmart provides young students through music.


Find out how ArtSmart has made a difference to our students lives and helped them achieve success.

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