To transform the lives of youth in under-resourced communities across the US through tuition-free music lessons and mentorship by paid, professional artists.  

Through weekly one-to-one sessions over a full school year, ArtSmart students receive world class instruction and training from professional musicians. Using an evidenced-based curriculum, our mentors work with their students to set goals, learn music, develop a health self-esteem and ultimately, chart a course for the rest of their lives. 


To provide students with a pathway to academic, economic, and emotional stability through music mentorship.


Partner Schools

Since opening in 2016, ArtSmart has served over 980 students and operated in 33 Title 1 schools across seven US cities.

Professional Mentors

ArtSmart has employed 76 artist mentors, paying over $1.4 million in dependable income.

Music lessons

ArtSmart has provided over 42,000 free music lessons to students across the United States. This equals 30,000 hours of mentorship.

92% of ArtSmart students attend Title 1 Schools.

88% of ArtSmart students identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color.

43% of students identify as LGBTQ+.

ArtSmart gives our students purpose

Access to arts education inspires students well beyond their lessons. The transformative power of mentorship instills a sense of belief and belonging in students that reverberates beyond the stage.

95% of students

say they are happy with the music progress made in lessons

83% of students

say that participating in lessons improved their mental health

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92% of graduates

attend college, and 52% pursue art in college

79% of families

say they would not be able to afford music lessons without ArtSmart


ArtSmart is a national organization that works at the local level to meet the unique needs of each community.  ArtSmart provides the resources and structure needed to implement the one-to-one music mentorship and vocal theatre programs in schools across the US. We work specifically with communities that lack access to the arts.

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Katelyn – ArtSmart music student


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Isaias – ArtSmart music student


Read about how ArtSmart has encouraged Isaias to step out of his comfort zone and discover the power that music has to connect with people.

Nevontae – ArtSmart student


Read about Nevontae's ArtSmart experience and how music has helped develop his self-confidence and find unique learning techniques.

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ArtSmart Founders – Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi


ArtSmart was founded in 2016 by co-founders Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi, both international opera singers, after a long analysis of the US education system and the economic state of affairs for artists living and working in the United States. 

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