What Our ’23 Grads Are Up to Next

We could not be more proud of our graduates. Learn what some of them are up to next!

Michelle Frank’s Take on Mentorship and Arts Access for Urban Students

An ArtSmart site ambassador retires from teaching to be Executive Director of the Philadelphia Boys and Girls Choirs. In this interview, Michelle Frank discusses her background, mentorship, and access to the arts for urban students.

Donor Spotlight: Joseph Della Fave sees ArtSmart’s impact firsthand

When Michael brought the idea of ArtSmart to him, Mr. Della Fave suggested starting ArtSmart at Eastside High School in the Ironclad section of Newark because it was where Michael’s grandmother Marie Fabiano graduated. For Mr. Della Fave, this would be the return of the prodigal grandson. Marie was a talented concert pianist, whose accolades included performing at Carnegie Hall, and had a major influence on Michael.

Student Stories: Kathryn Moran Receives Lessons Despite Geographical Barriers

Kathryn Moran ('23) was one of the first students to receive virtual voice lessons in the Adirondacks, where there is a lack of teachers for extracurricular activities due to geographical barriers

Students Blossom With New Music Program at Lincoln High School

ArtSmart Students Perform “True Colors” at Jersey City Public School's District-Wide Showcase. Music Mentorship Builds Community and Increases School Attendance

George Shirley Unanimously Voted as Chairman of the Board of ArtSmart

George Shirley, famed soprano Latonia Moore, and NYC School Principal Rosemary Vega join ArtSmart Board


I had to decide at a certain point whether to major as a violinist or a singer...being a music major in college was never a doubt for me. I became a voice major at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. However, that wasn’t the end of my violin career. I played with the Conservatory Orchestra, the Early Music Ensemble at Manhattan School of Music and to this day I still play violin for various gigs and with a few local ensembles.

Student Profile: A Future Music Teacher

Edinson has participated in Solo and Ensemble competitions and the youth music ensemble, Musicality, outside of school. Not only has music been a big part of his high school career, but Edinson is planning to pursue music education after high school.

Changing Lives of Those We Mentor

"Outside of his high school choral teachers, who definitely encouraged and mentored him within their 8am to 3pm capacity, Sam had no one else to help him navigate all that was needed to prepare for, apply to, and audition for colleges, as his parents are immigrants and not attuned to the norms and practices in this country. It was my first experience as not only a teacher but a mentor, and both he and I were both rewarded in so many ways..."

“Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart.”

"I am a rostered chorus member for Opera Philadelphia and will participate in two workshops for which I am part of the process of making brand new operatic works. I now teach about 30 students, half privately and half through ArtSmart. One of the most important developments over the past year is that I fully support myself financially on a freelance salary of 99% music related activities. I am also the happiest I have been in 10 years. And I feel I am truly contributing to my community through music."


Transforming Lives: Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi’s ArtSmart

ArtSmart featured on the cover of Classical Singer Magazine

Michael Fabiano – ArtSmart news item

The Man in the Arena: Michael Fabiano with Ed Berliner

Ed Berliner speaks with World Renowned Tenor & Former Baseball Ump Michael Fabiano

Michael Fabiano with San Francisco Chronicle – ArtSmart news item

San Francisco Chronicle with Michael Fabiano

Michael Fabiano’s passion for opera, education, meet in ArtSmart. Read this article by Tony Bravo.


Find out how ArtSmart has made a difference to our students lives and helped them achieve success.

Katelyn – ArtSmart music student


Find out how ArtSmart helped Katelyn develop her singing skills and how her music lessons benefited her emotionally in other school lessons.

Isaias – ArtSmart music student


Read about how ArtSmart has encouraged Isaias to step out of his comfort zone and discover the power that music has to connect with people.

Nevontae – ArtSmart student


Read about Nevontae's ArtSmart experience and how music has helped develop his self-confidence and find unique learning techniques.

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