Transforming Lives: Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi’s ArtSmart

ArtSmart featured on the cover of Classical Singer Magazine

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

"I am a rostered chorus member for Opera Philadelphia and will participate in two workshops for which I am part of the process of making brand new operatic works. I now teach about 30 students, half privately and half through ArtSmart. One of the most important developments over the past year is that I fully support myself financially on a freelance salary of 99% music related activities. I am also the happiest I have been in 10 years. And I feel I am truly contributing to my community through music."

The Power of One-To-One Mentorship

Fatoumata says that the best part of being in ArtSmart is that she can get better at singing without peer pressure since ArtSmart provides one-to-one lessons. At ArtSmart she’s able to just be herself, take risks and enjoy singing. This meant a lot to me as her mentor because I truly strive to create an environment where my students feel safe to learn and try new things so that they can build their confidence in a trusted and supported way.

Bass to Bass: A Mentorship Match

"Ariel and I have one glaring commonality: our big bass voices. Having the opportunity to work with someone with a voice similar to mine is precisely why I wanted to work with an organization like ArtSmart. The needs of a bigger voice require special attention, and I am thrilled to be able to pay forward all I have learned." - Chris Filipowicz, ArtSmart Mentor

Professional Singer…Perpetual Student.

"To be an opera singer like I am now means to be a perpetual student. We are always refining, perfecting, striving to do it better this time then we did it last time. One of my favorite things about studying vocal music is how it connects everything...Vocal music is math, poetry, art,
history, drama & language study...all helping one to cultivate a curious mind."

A Student’s Progress

"There he was, on a stage, singing a song he knew by heart, and this quiet, introspective 18-year old stood up straight and took a huge step down the path of performing music in public." - Ben Wager, ArtSmart mentor

Born To Teach

"I must have some genetic mutation called 'Born Teacher,' as I’ve always taught one thing or another, and teaching is what keeps my creative juices flowing more than anything else."

Growth Through Adversity

In this article, ArtSmart mentor Stacey Geyer shares how her training to become a yoga instructor helped her through her struggles with anxiety, self-judgement and perfectionism.

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

ArtSmart mentor Liana Gineitis' eyes were opened to the power of music when she started performing in assisted living homes for seniors battling Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Renaissance Woman

Chicago based ArtSmart mentor Caitleen Kahn, is a passionate soprano, arts administrator and communicative performer devoted to facilitating universal access to the arts


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