ArtSmart mentor Caitleen Kahn writes about mentoring a future music educator!

Edinson has been serious about singing for several years. In addition to school choir, Edinson has participated in Solo and Ensemble competitions and the youth music ensemble, Musicality, outside of school. His experience with ArtSmart is the first time that he is taking private voice lessons, and he is so eager to learn and apply all that he is learning, to further his musical growth. Not only has music been a big part of his high school career, but Edinson is planning to pursue music education after high school.

He is eager to take on whatever challenges I throw at him, and even in just a few weeks, has already begun addressing habits around jaw and tongue tension (every singer knows how hard this is, making his progress in these short weeks all the more impressive!). He has experimented with keeping a sense of freedom and flexibility in his neck, particularly on higher or longer notes. He is using his breath in new ways and has harnessed a fuller and richer tone that I was only catching glimpses of weeks earlier. I am so proud of his progress so far and can’t wait to see where the rest of his path as he pursues music education takes him.

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By Caitleen Kahn, ArtSmart mentor   |  Published on 11/05/2020