ArtSmart Stands for racial justice & Equity

Advocating & Educating Through Creative Expressions to #CreateChange


Anger. Hurt. Sadness. Frustration. Disappointment. Confusion.

These are just some of the justified emotions that many of us are experiencing after witnessing the recent tragedies of racial injustice in our society. But how do we channel these emotions in a healthy and productive way? At ArtSmart, we believe one of the best ways is through artistic self-expression. Stand with ArtSmart today to #CreateChange. Through your creative medium of choice, submit a video of artistic expression to advocate for racial equity and justice.

Content Tips:

Video submission from one of the following categories

  • Musical Performance: singing or instrumental
  • Dance Performance: dance choreography, movement or pantomime
  • Spoken Word: poetry, monologue, essay, historical excerpts or short stories
  • Fine art: Painting, drawing or any type of original craft.


  • Artistic self-expression through the arts can raise awareness on racial injustice and inequality to create real hope and change.

Submission deadline

  • DEADLINE EXTENDED: Wednesday June 25th, 11pm

Publication Date

  • We will be featuring your submissions for our next ArtSmart Live on Friday June 19th. This will also include a panel discussion featuring ArtSmart mentors and staff.

Helpful Tips On Content

  • We encourage you to be inspired by great leaders of civil rights and human rights as well as musicians and artists whose work reflect this theme.
  • Use a search engine with the following keywords to fuel your creative mind.
    – Racial justice
    – Civil rights movement
    – Social justice & equity
  • Explore the history of civil rights leaders beyond who you already know. There are many more activists than Martin Luther King, Jr. or President Barack Obama. Search of additional significant people, organizations or institutions of the civil rights community.
  • Topics to explore: history, education, politics (social & economic), relationships, faith & progressive movements.

Please Take Note

  • While we desire this presentation to be direct and poignant, we ask that you avoid the use of derogatory or profane language or images.

Recording Tips:

  • Recording device: cell phone, tablet or digital video recorder.
  • Position your device to be straight on view, no side angels please.
  • Stand at least 18-24 inches from the device as to not overload the microphone and sound levels in recording.
  • Please be sure to have ample lighting toward your face as we want to see your expressions with fullness and clarity.
  • Please try to have no interrupting ambient sounds to feed into the audio of the recording.
  • Record in front of a clear background with as little clutter as possible.
  • If dancing, position the camera to see your full body.
  • If using a musical track, please use a separate device for audio.
  • If you are offering a painting, drawing or craft…please record holding the item and give a brief description of its meaning.

Submission Details:

After reviewing your finished presentation please upload your video at this link or reply to by 11:00pm Tuesday, June 16th. We understand this is a very quick turnaround but we will need enough time for editing and formatting.

ArtSmart is excited for this showcase of art as activism. Let’s join together and make a powerful statement. Historically, when events of great challenge have affected the world it has been art that expresses the heart and soul of the people which leads our society towards change.