Since 2016, ArtSmart has been partnering with under-resourced middle and high schools to provide mentorship through music to talented youth. 

John Viscardi in ArtSmart classroom
ArtSmart school concert

How we work with schools

The ArtSmart music mentorship program provides students with free one-to-one voice lessons from professional musicians during the school day.  ArtSmart appoints a school staff member to be the dedicated on-site ambassador at every partner school ensuring an easy and seamless process. This staff member connects with the ArtSmart team to oversee lesson scheduling, master classes, field trips, performances and school related last minute changes. 

“A substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.”

Brookings Institution, February 2019

The benefits of ArtSmart

Our mentorship program provides the stability and support that every young person needs to succeed, in a safe learning environment.  Using an evidenced based curriculum, our mentors work with their students to set goals, learn music, develop a health self-esteem and ultimately, chart a successful course for the rest of their lives. 

ArtSmart Partner School music mentorship program

Become a Partner School

We provide the resources and structure needed to implement our music mentorship program within schools across the US, working specifically with schools in communities lacking access to the arts. Our network is quickly growing – find out how your school can apply to join.

Partner schools


ArtSmart is growing year-on-year, reaching more students and schools in more states across the country. Explore our current locations with details about our partner schools and local events.

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