ArtSmart collaborates with highly trained professional musicians who have years of teaching experience. Our mentors set goals of personal growth, vocal prowess and positive life changes for our students, ensuring a passionate and uplifting educational experience.

ArtSmart mentor and student
ArtSmart music mentorship program – Tom Mulder

The role of a mentor

Our mentors engage with students through one-on-one lessons, building trust over time and giving them responsibility and accountability. Skills that promote preparation for the future, musical theory and vocal technique are critical to every weekly lesson. We have seen improved attendance, higher grades and a positive impact on our student’s general well-being and mental health. Our mentors provide the stability and support that these young people need, in a safe learning environment.

“I love my kids. They’re great and have improved in their reliability and communication!”

ArtSmart Mentor

91% of students

agree that they make progress in each lesson

85% of students

say that they look up to their mentor

85% of students

say their music lessons make them more confident in school

“My favorite part of lessons is when me and my mentor connect through music by singing and telling stories.”

ArtSmart Student

Become a Mentor

We’re looking for experienced professional singers to teach voice lessons to individual students. Find out more about what this role would involve and how to apply.

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Lucas DeJesus – ArtSmart Regional Leader Philadelphia & Chicago and Mentor

Lucas DeJesus


Lucas is a wonderful mentor and also a fantastic leader who organizes many extra-curricular events in the Philadelphia and Chicago regions of ArtSmart.


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ArtSmart mentor Agnes Kalinowski

Agnes Kalinowski

ArtSmart mentor Alexandra Mena

Alexandra Mena

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Angela Jarosz

Angela Jarosz

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Ben Wager

Ben Wager

Chad Armstrong – ArtSmart Regional Leader New York & New Jersey and Mentor

Chad Armstrong

New York & New Jersey
ArtSmart mentor Chelsea Hollow

Chelsea Hollow

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Chris Filipowicz

Chris Filipowicz

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Christine Moore Vassallo

Christine Moore Vassallo

New York City
ArtSmart mentor Claire Kuttler

Claire Kuttler

New York City & Jersey City
ArtSmart mentor Daria Mautner

Daria Mautner

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Erin Alcorn

Erin Alcorn

ArtSmart mentor Hannah DeBlock

Hannah DeBlock

New York City
ArtSmart mentor Julia Kershetsky

Julia Kershetsky

ArtSmart mentor Karina Sweeney

Karina Sweeney

ArtSmart mentor Katya Powder

Katya Powder

Keith Carames – ArtSmart Regional Leader San Francisco and Mentor

Keith Carames

San Francisco
Lucas DeJesus – ArtSmart Regional Leader Philadelphia & Chicago and Mentor

Lucas DeJesus

Philadelphia & Chicago
ArtSmart mentor Maria Lindsey

Maria Lindsey

New York City & Newark
ArtSmart mentor Michelle Trovato

Michelle Trovato

Jersey City
ArtSmart mentor Nate Mattingly

Nate Mattingly

ArtSmart mentor Nikki Einfeld

Nikki Einfeld

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Rachel Cetel

Rachel Cetel

ArtSmart mentor Ruth Rainero

Ruth Rainero

San Francisco
ArtSmart mentor Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell

New York City
Tom Mulder – ArtSmart Director of Program Operations and Mentor

Tom Mulder

New York City