The ArtSmart Competition is the capstone event of the year. Open only to ArtSmart students, the competition takes place throughout the country with scholarships awarded to the top three finalists in each region. Scholarship funds can be applied to any academic or musical pursuit of the winner’s choosing.

In each region, the competition involves two rounds – a Preliminary Round, which takes place as part of each school’s end of year performance and a Finals Round, where winners of the preliminary round come together to compete in one location. The Finals Round is adjudicated by a panel of distinguished judges who score participants in five areas: Dramatic Interpretation, Diction, Rhythm & Intonation, Technique and Presence. Judges also provide specific feedback to each participant and have an opportunity to speak with them before and after the event.

ArtSmart Singing Competition

The competition was created to provide our students with a springboard for future success and as an opportunity to apply skills learned throughout the year.

Awards include but are not limited to:
Cash rewards of up to $2,500 per award winner
Summer study in Europe
Underwritten music camps in the USA


Our 2019 Winners

San Francisco Region

Held at Burton High School

1st prize $1500 – Ajah Richardson
2nd prize $1000 – Erika Espinoza
3rd prize $500 – Trudy Shelf

NYC & Newark Region

Held at East Williamsburg Scholars Academy 

1st prize $1500 – Abner Bonifacio
2nd prize $1000 – Mirna Marlon
3rd prize $500 – Isabella Serafini

Philadelphia Region

Held at Franklin Learning Center 

1st prize $1500 – Jayln Tabourn
2nd prize $1000 – Kenna Baskerville
3rd prize $500 – Bryant Fleming

Our 2019 judges

San Francisco judges:

Chris Filipowicz (SF Opera)
Susan Stauter (SFUSD, TED)

NYC & Newark judges:

Rachelle Jonck (Baltimore Concert Opera, Teatro Nuovo)
Derrick Goff (Met Opera Lindeman YAP)
Keith Browning (American Lyric Theater)

Philadelphia judges:

Jose Melendez (AVA)
Othalie Graham (International Operatic Soprano)

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