George Shirley (Board Chair)
John Viscardi (Treasurer)
Liz Letak (Secretary)
Michael Fabiano
Latonia Moore
Nadine Sierra
Anthony Fabiano
Anne Faulkner Schoemaker
Susan Stauter
Rosemary Vega

ArtSmart co-founder’s Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi with ArtSmart board member, Nadine Sierra


ArtSmart is proud to have former ArtSmart students contributing to the ArtSmart program. They have first hand knowledge of the effectiveness of the ArtSmart mission. Their involvement includes providing ArtSmart advice & feedback throughout the year on curriculum & program effectiveness as well as promoting ArtSmart as ambassadors for our organization. They also perform at events in support of ArtSmart and will receive continued mentorship with members of the ArtSmart executive team.

Abner Bonafacio

Abner joined the ArtSmart program in 2016 for its inaugural year at East Side High School. He completed 4 years of the ArtSmart program. Abner was the 1st place winner of the New York Regional ArtSmart Competition in 2019. After graduating High School, Abner accepted a full-ride scholarship to Rutgers University where he began his collegiate studies in 2020 majoring in medicine and minoring in music performance.

When I started high school I was coming to a new country, without knowing anybody and without knowing the language. When you are having a one-on-one lesson with your mentor, it’s only you and your teacher, and his focus is on you. My mentor spoke spanish with me and helped me to better understand what we were working on. ArtSmart helped me improve my music skills, but also helped me improve my English. Abner Bonafacio

Isabella Serafini

Isabella joined the ArtSmart program in 2016 for its inaugural year at East Side High School. She completed 4 years of the ArtSmart program. Aside from her parents, she truly felt like ArtSmart mentors provided the beliefs in her that she needed more so than any other clubs or after school programs. Now that she has graduated, she thanks ArtSmart for being part of her journey.

Artsmart gives you the chance to come out of your shell and be the greatest version of yourself. I was able to achieve all this for free!! Get involved with ArtSmart, you won’t regret it. Isabella Serafini

Isaias Aragon

Isaias Aragon is an ArtSmart alum from the Bronx, NY. Isaias is pursuing a career both as a musician and an actor while studying at Marymount Manhattan College. In the summer of 2019, Isaias was the first ArtSmart student to participate in the Lunigiana International Music Festival in Fivizzano, Italy. Isaias’ love and appreciation for ArtSmart has led him to join the ArtSmart Alumni Advisory Board!

ArtSmart gave me an opportunity to pursue my dreams and create relationships with the best mentors one could ask for! Isaias Aragon, ArtSmart Alumnae